East India Company - 1808

X Cash
Obverse - Great Britain - X Cash - 1808 Reverse - Great Britain - X Cash - 1808
Obverse - Coat of Arms of the East India Company. The supporters stand on a ribbon with the inscription: AUSB : REGIS & SENAT : ANGLIA
Exergue, 1808
Reverse - A legend in Arabic.
Exergue, X . CASH .
Size, 25 mm.
This coin came from the dealer with a small piece of paper on which was printed:
   "While delivering the freshly minted coins to Bengal India, The Admiral Gardner and the Britania were sunk in a storm. The coins, enclosed in wax sealed kegs were amazingly nice when recovered from the ocean floor in 1985."
Obviously the coins were in near mint condition. If you pay more than $5 for one of these you've missed the point of the text above, there are thousands of these in this condition.

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